DS Smith works with IBM for AI quality assessment at Kemsley mill


IBM and DS Smith have worked together on a project to assess the quality of paper using artificial intelligence (AI) at the latter’s Kemsley mill.

Using camera technology placed on the ceiling of the depot, the cameras send data on the composition of loose paper and cardboard to assess it meets quality guidelines before being baled.


Teams from DS Smith and IBM Expert Labs worked together to develop an AI model that can compare data from the images of the materials with a specific set of criteria.

Data can also be given to suppliers to help them improve their quality processes.

DS Smith Recycling Division innovation manager Stephanie Dalton said: “Innovating to make sure we can improve the quality of material is key for driving up recycling rates.

“Exploring the latest technologies and digitalising our operations enables us to operate more efficiently and sustainably while simultaneously improving the quality of paper for recycling.

“This collaboration with IBM is good news for our suppliers of recovered paper as it allows us to work even more closely to make sure they are optimising their recycling processes – ultimately improving recycling through reducing contamination.”

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