Dutch MPs to encourage Government to reduce cardboard packaging


Members of the House of Representatives have voted to ask the Netherlands Government to reduce the amount of cardboard and other packaging delivered to homes that surround products.

Instead, MPs want reusable packaging to be considered.


In a motion submitted by Party for Animals MP Eva van Esch, but backed by other parties, MPs were asked to vote to call on “the Government not to wait for the European directive, but to do as much as possible itself to reduce the large amount of unnecessary shipping materials and to focus as much as possible on reusable shipping materials”.

The motion added that “87 million kilos of shipping materials are delivered annually via parcel post [and] this poses a major burden on the environment and that a large part of these shipping materials is unnecessary”.

In total, 128 MPs voted in favour of the motion, with just 22 against. The motion was part of a circular economy debate.

While the motions are non-binding on the Government, they will be considered.