Eco Plastics considering move into HDPE recycling


HDPE recycling “seems like the next logical step” for Eco Plastics, says its managing director Jonathan Short.


In an interview with European Plastics News, Short said that the company is getting a huge amount of HDPE and recycling it could be an important development for Eco Plastics.

He said: “The dairy industry currently uses 10 per cent recycled HDPE, but would like to increase this percentage to 30 per cent. We have HDPE coming through our doors every day and we have the tonnage to deal with this material, so moving to HDPE seems like the next logical step.”

The company currently has a joint venture that will lead to Eco Plastics providing Coca Cola with enough rPET for the drinks firm to meet its target of 25 per cent locally sourced rPET in its UK bottles by 2012. Short said that it would be interested in a similar arrangement with a company that requires HDPE.

Eco Plastics is currently expanding rPET capacity at its facility in Lincolnshire to 40,000 tonnes from 15,000 tonnes. It plans to open the new plant early next year.