Economy will impact on the recycling sector, says SITA boss


The UK and European economic recession will lead to less investment in the recycling sector, according to the chief executive of SITA UK.

Speaking at the CIWM 2012 conference yesterday, David Palmer-Jones warned that there are a lot of barriers that need to be addressed in the short-term for the recycling and waste sector.


He said: “We see a deepening recession in the UK. This leads to less investment in infrastructure. When you add a banking crisis, this creates an adverse situation when it comes to risk.

“We’ve also seen the end of the PFI programme, which was a shining light. But this was only for domestic waste, so left commercial and industrial waste to its own devices.”

He also warned that there needs to be a more macro rather than micro viewpoint when it comes to policy. In particular, he said that we are trapped at a local approach to policy when it comes to planning and a result this leads to waste policy being driven by local political considerations.