ENER-G Natural Power and Seneca Global Energy work on landfill gas projects


Gas from three landfill sites is to be extracted through a partnership between ENER-G Natural Power and Seneca Global Energy.

As a result of the project, up to 3.8MW of electricity will be generated from the three sites.


ENER-G will design, build, finance, operate and maintain three facilities at Seneca Global Energy’s landfill sites near Newcastle, Hartlepool and Hull.

The three facilities should be operational by March 2013.

Seneca Global Energy chief executive Neil Elliott said: “This is a safe and proven world class method for converting landfill gas into green energy and we are proud to partner with ENER-G, which is a global leader in landfill gas management. This is the best available technology for controlling methane gas emissions and turning a greenhouse gas into renewable energy that can supply affordable clean energy while meeting the UK’s climate change targets.”

ENER-G Natural Power managing director Hugh Richmond added: “We are delighted to work with Seneca Global Energy to help them realise the full renewable energy potential of landfill gas. The projects will be funded by ENER-G, including operation and maintenance. Over the past decade we have designed, built and safely operated more than 100 landfill gas facilities, providing in excess of 160MW generation capacity.”