Energos get draft environmental permit for Merseyside gasification plant


The Environment Agency has given draft consent for an environmental permit for an Energos facility in Knowsley.

A consultation on the decision is now open until 12 October for a gasification facility that will be located just outside of Liverpool.


Environment Agency environment manager Steve Molyneux said: “We’ve carried out a thorough assessment of the application and consulted widely on the details. We’ve sought comments from other organisations, including Knowsley Council, Knowsley NHS, the Health Protection Agency and local people.

“The Environment Agency is confident that the proposed energy from waste facility will not harm human health or the environment.

“Although we’ve reached the stage where we are considering issuing a permit, our decision is not final and this last stage of consultation gives everybody the chance to see what the permit may look like and raise any additional concerns. People now have until 12 October 2012 to raise any new concerns before we make a final decision.”