Enevo announce expansion into waste and recycling services


Enevo has announced the company’s expansion into waste and recycling services in the UK, adding to its sensor technology and will focus on cities and routing. 

The company now offers a full management of waste services for restaurant, retail, multifamily and commercial property operators through North America and Europe.  


Enevo received $12M in 2017 to accelerate its waste services introduction within the United States. 

Using analytics software, Enevo account managers will monitor container sensor data to manage alerts, compare pickups against collection schedules and work with haulers to change the service levels to meet needs.  

It has helped a UK McDonald’s franchise with seven locations, to reduce its waste collection costs by 12% in six months.  

McDonald’s UK franchise owner Jerry Nicholls said: “Enevo has made life easier for our restaurant operations, uncovering the waste and recycling volume at our locations. With Enevo, we have much more reliable data to measure against recycling targets.”  

Enevo general manager Andy Crofts said: “Enevo is uniquely positioned to handle all waste operations for our customers. We offer peace of mind as the single point of contact for waste and recycling services.” 

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