Envac unveils UK’s inaugural ‘super shredder’ 


Waste collection company Envac has unveiled the UK’s first residential cardboard shredder at Barking Riverside housing development.  

This aims to tackle large volumes of cardboard waste and is expected to prevent around 105 tonnes annually from reaching landfills. 


The 88cm wide cardboard shredder is the largest to be used in a residential setting, and the first to be installed in a UK residential waste management landscape.  

Envac is integrated with a vacuum waste collection system and processes substantial packaging such as TV boxes, revolutionising how cardboard waste is handled. 

Residents, equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, can easily deposit cardboard waste into the inlet, where high-powered fans force it through an underground pipe network from the shredder to the collection station. 

This solution is expected by Envac to enhance waste management efficiency and further cement Barking Riverside’s reputation as a leader in sustainable urban development. 

With cardboard waste from retail packaging on the rise, averaging over 200 boxes per household annually, the introduction of this ‘super shredder’ is expected to be a game-changer.  

Barking Riverside head of estates Sarah Phillips said: “The launch of our communal cardboard shredder is a huge step forward for recycling levels at Barking Riverside.  

“Not only will it reduce the environmental footprint of our residents but, by being the first development in the UK to address cardboard waste using this technology at scale, we further reflect our progressive approach towards delivering sustainable and affordable homes in London.  

“This is particularly important in new-build communities such as Barking Riverside, where we have hundreds of residents moving in each year, buying furniture and other household items that inevitably generate cardboard waste.  

“Our decision to specify the Envac system, and now the cardboard shredder, sets an industry benchmark as to how large residential developments should tackle waste management.” 

 Envac UK managing director Dave Buckley said: “The team at Barking Riverside Limited demonstrated its commitment to tackling traditional challenges using innovative methods when it installed an Envac system designed to accommodate almost 10,000 homes back in 2018.  

“The installation of the cardboard shredder marks the next step in the development’s evolution and underlines the company’s commitment to sustainable waste collection.”