Enval secures funding for commercial scale laminate recycling plant


Cambridge-based firm Enval has revealed that it has successfully completed an investment round to develop a commercial scale recycling facility for the recycling of plastic and aluminium packaging.

Investment was secured from Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge Capital Group and Cambridge Angels.


Its patented technology offers a recycling route for plastic/aluminium laminate packaging that so far has been unrecyclable. Its technology separates the product into aluminium that can be sent back into the recycling chain and hydrocarbons that can be used as a fuel or chemical feedstock.

Enval co-founder and chief technology officer Carlos Ludlow-Palafox said: “Enval is delighted to announce the completion of this funding round and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our current investors for their support.

“With this investment and the backing from our industrial partners, Kraft Foods and Nestlé, Enval expects to bring its first commercial plant into service towards the middle of this year.”

The new plant will be used to showcase Enval’s technology to potential customers across the waste sector.