Environment Agency and other organisations launch online business resource efficiency tool


A tool to help businesses be more resource efficient has been launched by the Environment Agency and a number of other waste and resource sector organisations.

The IsitWaste tool helps businesses in England to check whether a waste or surplus material is a by-product or whether it achieves End-of-Waste status and can be considered as a product.


It has been launched with the aim of removing high quality waste-derived products from the scope of waste legislation to improve end market demand and confidence and allow businesses to be more resource efficient and competitive.

Resources Minister Dan Rogerson (pictured) said: “This Government is committed to ensuring we use our resources more carefully and the UK is now producing less waste than ever before. This reflects a lot of hard work by local authorities and businesses, and a desire from householders to cut down on waste.

“We all have a responsibility to tackle waste and I congratulate the Environment Agency and its partners on the new ‘Is It Waste’ service which can help businesses save money and create new products from existing materials to generate growth and new jobs.”

The tool has been developed in close co-operation with project partner Rijkswaterstaat, which is the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Funding has come from the EU Life+ funded EQual programme.

Programme partners are the Environment Agency, CIWM, ESA, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Rijkswaterstaat, the Organics Recycling Group and Energy UK.