Environment Agency issues regulatory position statement on storage of RDF at dockside


The Environment Agency has issued a regulatory position statement on the circumstances under which RDF can be stored short term at the dockside ahead of export.

In 2011, the Environment Agency issued LWR431 to allow for the storage of certain wastes at a dockside prior to export or import to take place under an exemption.


However, following evidence of poor operating standards, inadequate containment, storage of inappropriate types of waste in excessive quantities and local problems such as odour, pests and flies, this regulatory position statement LWR431 has been withdrawn.

As a result, the Environment Agency has provided an interim position while it develops an appropriate permitting approach.

This requires among other measures:

  • The local area environment management team to be informed in writing how the persons responsible for the storage area propose to comply with the requirements of the regulatory position statement
  • The waste conforms to the classification EWC 19 12 10 – Combustible Waste – Refuse Derived Fuel. The waste has to meet the calorific, moisture content and other properties specified by the receiving EfW facility. Wastes which require further processing (sorting or separation) prior to incineration such as other wastes from mechanical treatment cannot be stored under this position.
  • The total amount of RDF does not exceed 10,000 tonnes and is not stored for more than three months.


For more detail, visit http://a0768b4a8a31e106d8b0-50dc802554eb38a24458b98ff72d550b.r19.cf3.rackcdn.com/LIT_7754_73b9f4.pdf