Environmental Services Association disappointed in London Assembly report


The Environmental Services Association (ESA), has expressed its disappointment at the London Assembly Environment Committee’s report on energy from waste. 

In the report, the committee criticised Energy from Waste (EfW) without offering a solution, according to the ESA.  


The Assembly discovered that 2 million tonnes of London’s waste is either going to EfW facilities or being burnt, and published a report called Waste: Energy from Waste, which analysed how the benefits of EfW can be maximised. 

In response to the report, ESA executive director Jacob Hayler said that EfW has a vital role to play as the UK transitions into a circular economy, and that the increased quantity of London’s waste sent to EfW “is a success story” as it is the waste left over after recycling that would be send to landfill otherwise. 

The waste has been used to generate low-carbon electricity and heat homes and businesses throughout London, and therefore sticking to circular economy principles, said the director. 

He added: “It is incredibly disappointing that the London Assembly Environment Committee has overlooked this. We are perplexed how the committee sees EfW as a hindrance to recycling, despite the overarching evidence to the contrary. And we are baffled how the report so readily highlights the treatment capacity gap in London while simultaneously criticising EfW operators and offering nothing in the way of solutions

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