Environmental groups call for standard recycling collection system across London


A coalition of green groups has called on the London Mayoral Candidates to commit to a standard recycling collection system in London.

Organisations including the National Trust, WWF, RSPB and Greenpeace have set out a number of recommendations to improve London’s environment including harmonising the 20 different recycling systems across the city.


The groups would also like to see greener procurement including more goods made with recycled materials by London’s public sector.

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They also want energy efficiency loans for small businesses, phase out all diesel black cabs by 2020 and set a green rooftop requirement for new commercial developments.

Green Alliance director Matthew Spencer said: “London is unusual in the UK in having most of the powers it needs to make itself greener without waiting for central government.

“We’ve suggested 20 practical ways the next mayor can use their power on behalf of London citizens seeking a more liveable city.”