Environmental Recycling Technologies signs deal with Axion Recycling


A commercial agreement has been signed between Environmental Recycling Technologies (ERT) and Axion Recycling.

Under the agreement, Axion will provide mixed waste plastics for use in ERT’s patented Powder Impression Moulding (PIM) process that turns this material into commercially viable products.


Axion will provide bespoke recipes of blended recycle plastic for use by ERT’s existing and future licensees.

This will enable these licensees to focus on manufacturing PIM products by ensuring the consistent supply of quality-assured recycled plastic. Axion will be the preferred supplier of plastic.

ERT managing director Lee Clayton said: “We are delighted to have secured this strategic commercial agreement with such as respected firm as Axion.

“This represents an important first step in the securing of targeted collaborative partnerships, as outlined in our recent AGM statement. As our materials supply partner, Axion will develop and supply bespoke recycled plastic materials appropriate to our licensees’ requirements.”

Axion marketing director Keith Freegard said: “The timing of this exciting business development opportunity could not be better.

“As we continue to grow our capability to recycle plastic materials from end-of-life vehicles and waste electronics, we need to be creating new markets for those mixed plastics fractions which are the inevitable by-product of all high-grade polymer refinery operations.

“We see the PIM process as an excellent new technology to make shaped performance products for a diverse range of end-markets, including both automotive and electrical goods in which we are already active players.”

Keith Freegard from Axion Recycling will be speaking at the Secondary Commodities Markets conference on 4 February 2014 at One Drummond Gate, London. Find out more here