ESA: “considerable investment” will be needed to meet EU targets


The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has welcomed the ambitions set out by the European Commission to promote a circular economy, but said it will require “considerable investment”.

Targets of 70 per cent municipal recycling and for 80 per cent of packaging to be recycled by 2030 were proposed by the EU to develop a more circular economy in Europe.


ESA chairman and SITA UK chief executive David Palmer-Jones said: “The UK waste and resource management industry welcomes the Commission’s package of proposals designed to promote a more circular economy and improve the efficiency with which resources including waste are managed in Europe. The direction of travel and the level of ambition set out in these proposals can only be applauded.

“The proposals present a considerable challenge, not only to the newer Member States but even to those countries which have already made good progress with managing their waste and resources.

“The key question will be how these aspirational targets can be turned into reality on the ground. That will require considerable investment, most of which will come from the private sector. ESA and its members look forward to the discussions ahead on how this can be secured.”