ESA welcomes HM Treasury publication on public support of recycling

plastic recycling
Recycling firm Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD) has said that it is looking to place a PET plant in Ellesmere Port.

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) has welcomed the Treasury’s report on the summary of responses to the consultation on how the tax system could be used to reduce plastic waste.  

The report found that individuals, businesses and campaign groups have shown strong support for action on tackling plastics following a recent call for evidence on how tax can be used to reduce this material.


This year’s REB Market Intelligence Summit is taking place on 2 October and will look at end destinations for materials. Find out more here   

The call attracted 162,000 responses, the highest in the Treasury’s history.  

The ESA has welcomed the publication. 

ESA executive director Jacob Hayler said: “We are delighted that the public is behind greater recycling of plastic and as an industry we are committed to working collaboratively with the Treasury to make this a reality. 

“A plastic tax will have the biggest impact when it is aimed at production and manufacturing and we are pleased to see that the Treasury is looking at how to encourage greater use of recycled plastic at the start of the waste cycle.” 

However, he argued that it is wrong to think of recycling as an alternative to Energy from Waste (EfW), and the suggestion that a tax on incineration will improve recycling is “misguided”.  

He added: “As an industry we don’t want plastic going to our EfW plants and we invest heavily in recycling as much as practically possible, recovering energy from what is left behind.  

“The Treasury should recognise the valuable role of EfW in putting waste that we cannot recycle to further use and use tax effectively to target those who manufacture non-recyclable plastic. 

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