Estover Energy plans wood-fuelled combined heat and power plant in Kent


Renewable energy company Estover Energy has announced plans to build a £65 million biomass combined heat and power plant in Sandwich, Kent.

Using low grade wood that will be sourced locally, the facility will be situated on Discovery Park and will provide electricity and heat across the science and technology park.


Around 11MW of power and 8MW of heat will be generated from the low grade waste from the forestry industry.

A planning application for the facility will be submitted in July to Dover District Council. If granted, construction will begin in 2014.

Estover Energy development director Andrew Troup said: “We believe that using the by-product from woodland management and harvesting to generate energy is a positive alternative to fossil fuels, and one that is supported by the Government and many environmental and rural campaigning groups.

“Low-grade wood fuel is clean, has low emissions and is good for the local area, both providing rural jobs, and stimulating investment in local woodland and forestry.”