Eternity Capital launches funding for waste management companies


A company is seeking to invest up to £15 million into waste projects.

Eternity Capital has said that it realises that companies in the waste sector are struggling to raise finance and will be focusing solely on the waste industry. The company will be investing £5 million to £15 million in individual waste companies, but will also consider smaller and larger opportunities with other investors.


To support its sector focus, specialist advisors with 45 years experience, former Veolia deputy chief executive Paul Levett and former Wyvern Waste Services managing director Andrew Olie will be advising Eternity Capital.

Paul Levett said: “While several firms have invested in the waste sector, they have not always been successful. Previous investors had the necessary financing expertise, but they were not focused only on the waste industry and misunderstood issues such as the composition of the waste, which is crucial when investing in waste projects.”

Eternity Capital believes now is the time to invest in waste companies so they can benefit from the growth opportunities in the sector over the upcoming years.

It recognises projects can be cyclical and can take several years to yield results, which is why it plans to take a long term view on its investment.

Eternity Capital director Alon Laniado added: “The group is particularly interested in the companies with high growth potential and which operate in segments that contribute to delivering the EU waste and environmental targets.”