EU consults on green action plan for SMEs


The European Commission has begun a consultation on how to support small- and medium-sized businesses to become more resource efficient.

It wishes to get stakeholder’s views on how SMEs can also sell green products and services internationally and how they can be supported in this process.


In its introduction to the consultation, the European Commission said: “For the purpose of the consultation, resource efficiency should be understood in a wider sense that encompasses the efficient use of energy (including renewable energy), water and other natural resources, materials, the minimisation of waste, the selling of scrap material to another company and recycling.

“The result of the public consultation will be used to shape the actions aimed at promoting resource efficiency for and by SMEs to be included in the forthcoming Green Action Plan for SMEs. The consultation will complement the results of the Flash Barometer 342 on ‘SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets’, which will also be taken into consideration in the preparation of future actions.”

The consultation is open until 12 December 2013.

More information is available at: