EU Environment Committee MEPs back plans for new ship recycling rules


A new law that has been provisionally agreed between the European Parliament and European Union Member States regarding the scrapping of ships, has been backed by Environment Committee MEPs.

The new rules will mean that in future EU ships will have to be dismantled in ship recycling facilities that are included in an EU list of those that meet specific requirements and are certified and regularly inspected.


It aims to ensure that ships are not scrapped on beaches in third world countries endangering the health and environment of workers.

Green/EFA MEP Carl Schlyter said: “This new legislation finally puts an end to European ships being recklessly scrapped in developing countries. Currently, most EU ships are sent to South East Asia at the end of their lives, where they are scrapped on a beach in conditions that are unacceptable for human health and cause gross pollution of the environment.

“I want to stress that this is not an attack against India, Bangladesh or Pakistan – the countries that currently practice beaching – but against the dangerous and highly-polluting practice of beaching. This regulation incentivises these countries to make the necessary investments in proper ship recycling facilities – above all for the sake of safe and environmentally-sound jobs in their countries.”

The agreement negotiated with the European Council was backed 58 votes in favour, five against and one abstention.