EU proposes new rules on dismantling and recycling TVs and monitors at end-of-life


Draft regulations have been published by the European Commission that seek to develop the ecodesign of TVs and computer monitors.

As well as updating rules on the energy efficiency of screens, the proposed regulations also call for manufacturers to provide an ‘end-of-life report’ that contains relevant information for disassembly, recycling and/or recovery of a TV or monitor.


This will need to include detailed information such as how an operation to dismantle a part should be carried out, such as unscrewing a part, as well as the tools required to undertake the action.

It will also need to describe the design strategies and innovations implemented to facilitate disassembly, recycling and/or recovery of the displays.

For plastics, a recyclability index for parts larger than 25g has been developed, and manufacturers must justify if their products do not meet the criteria of this index.

They will also need to produce a video showing dismantling options and the time taken to extract key components such as printed circuit boards, thin film transistor liquid crystal display, PMMA board and mercury containing backlighting lamps as well as plastics.