European aluminium beverage can recycling at 74%

aluminium can recycling

According to European Aluminium (EA), the overall recycling rate for aluminium cans in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland increased to a new record of 73.6% in 2015. 

This is above the recently approved EU 2025 recycling target of 65% for all packaging.  


Looking at the whole European continent, more than 32 billion cans have been recycled, meaning every second 1,000 aluminium beverage cans are being recycled somewhere in Europe.  

The organisation is calling for Member States to make more effort in collecting, sorting and recycling drink cans and other aluminium packaging within the coming years to further increase aluminium packaging recycling.  

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EA chairman Any Doran said: “We strongly recommend that local authorities together with the waste management chain invest more in innovative sorting technologies. Fortunately, these investments will pay off quickly, due to the relatively high scrap value of aluminium.”  

He added: “Packaging recovery organisations should embrace our successful awareness programme with the can manufacturers, Every Can Counts, and help us to convince the European citizens to the do the right thing, which is to collect and recycle their used cans wherever they are.” 


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