European battery recycling volume falls


The volume of batteries recycled in Europe has fallen according to the latest statistics.

Data published last month by the European Battery Recycling Association (EBRA) has shown that in 2011, there was a 5 per cent fall in the number of all batteries recycled by its members.


In 2011, 34,997 tonnes of all types of batteries were recycled across Europe, down from 36,963 in 2010. This followed a 1 per cent fall from 2009 when 37,208 tonnes was recycled.

EBRA general secretary Alain Vassart said: “The European battery recycling industry is facing some important challenges:

  • A lower than expected growth of the consumer/portable collection market for primary as well as for secondary batteries. All spent batteries handled by EBRA members were recycled without reaching the limits of the available recycling capacities
  • Health and safety issues, more particularly linked to the recycling of primary and secondary lithium batteries
  • The EBRA members are preparing themselves to comply with the legal requirements of the recycling efficiencies while coping with the anticipated future increase in tonnage.

“To make this new recycling industry attractive in the future, decent economic conditions and a fair level playing field should be granted to recyclers.”