European Commission launch plastic strategy with the aim of making all plastic packaging recyclable by 2030

Frans Timmermans
Frans Timmermans

The European Commission has announced a plastic strategy with plans to make all plastic packaging on the EU market recyclable or reusable by 2030, in hope of transitioning towards a more circular economy. 

This strategy is set to protect the environment from plastic pollution while transforming the way products are designed, used and recycled in the EU. 


Under these news plans, the Commission said that all plastic packaging on the EU market will be recyclable or reuseable by 2030, single-use plastics will be reduced and microplastics will be restricted.  

From this, the plastic strategy is set to: 

  • Make recycling profitable for businesses by improving the recyclability of plastic and increasing the demand for recycled plastics. As more plastic is being collected, a standardised system for separate collection will be set up 
  • Curb plastic waste by taking measures to restrict the use of microplastics in products and fix labels for biodegradable and compostable plastics 
  • Stop plastic pollution in the oceans by adopting new rules of port reception facilities to tackle marine litter, with measures to ensure that the waste produced on ships or in the sea is not left but returned to land and managed 
  • Drive investment and innovation through guidance for national authorities and European businesses on how to reduce plastic waste at source. A €100 million investment will be put into developing more recyclable plastic materials, tracing and removing contaminants from recycled plastics 
  • Create new investment opportunities and jobs 
  • Work with partners to create global solutions and develop international standards.  

European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said: “We must stop plastics getting into our water, our food, and even our bodies. The only long-term solution is to reduce plastic waste by recycling and reusing more. This is a challenge that citizens, industry and governments must tackle together. With the EU Plastics Strategy we are also driving a new and more circular business model. We need to invest in innovative new technologies that keep our citizens and our environment safe whilst keeping our industry competitive.” 

The overall goal of the strategy, according to the Commission, is to protect the environment and lay the foundations for a new plastic economy where the design and production use the reuse, repair and recycling systems, with more sustainable materials being created.  

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