European Council adopt waste package

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The European Council has adopted the waste package which outlines new rules for waste management and creates a legally binding target for recycling. 

Member states will have to meet the targets as they increase the reuse and recycling of municipal waste. 


The targets are set at: 55% by 2025, 60% by 2030 and 65% by 2035.   

Packaging recycling targets have also been specified, which state that 65% of all packaging must be recycled by 2025, and 70% by 2030. 

Other packaging recycling targets include:  

  By 2025  By 2030 
Plastic  50%  55% 
Wood  25%  30% 
Ferrous metals  70%  80% 
Aluminium  50%  60% 
Glass  70%  75% 
Paper and cardboard  75%  85% 


The legislation contains a landfill reduction goal and sets minimum requirements for all extended producer responsibility schemes. 

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Producers of products covered by these schemes must take responsibility for the management of the waste stage of their products and must also contribute financially.  

Mandatory extended producer responsibility schemes for all packaging has also been introduced, with member states to ensure that by 2030, all waste suitable for recycling or recovery, shall not be accepted for landfill.  

By the 1st January 2025, member states will have to set up separate collections for textiles and hazardous waste from households. 

They will also have to ensure that by the 31st December 2023, bio-waste is either collected separately or recycled at source. 

Bulgarian Minister of Environment and Waster Neno Dimov said: “I am very pleased that ministers have given their approval to the revised legislation on waste today. Europe is moving towards a circular economy. These new rules protect not only our environment but also the health of our citizens.” 

The European Council said that the waste package will lead to more recycling of waste and help towards a circular economy. 

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