European Council and Parliament deal on four proposals for the waste package


The European Council and Parliament have come to an agreement on four legislative proposals of the waste package, with the final analysis on behalf of the Council planned for next year.  

This deal has been on-going since May 2017, and has agreed to amend the waste framework directive, packaging waste directive, landfill directive and directives on electrical and electronic waste, end-of-life vehicles, batteries and accumulators.  


The agreed waste proposals have established a binding waste reduction target and updated rules to reduce waste, ensure control of waste management, encourage product reuse and improve recycling in all EU countries.  

According to the European Union, the new aims and rules will help promote a circular economy, and will drive growth and jobs, protect our environment, encourage sustainability and improve people’s health and well-being.  

Key sections of the agreement include: 

  • Clearer definitions of key waste concepts 

  • New targets at EU level for waste reduction to be met by 2025, 2030, and 2035, with the aims of covering the share of local waste and packaging waste recycling 

  • Target for municipal waste landfilled by 2035 

  • Stricter methods and rules to examine the progress made towards the targets 

  • Harsher requirements for the separate collection of waste 

  • Producers to be responsible for the collection of used goods, sorting, and treatment of their recycling.  


Republic of Estonia Minister for the Environment Siim Kiisler said: “In the EU, nearly a third of municipal waste is landfilled, with a limited share of the total being recycled. With this agreement, EU member states are committing to clear EU targets on reuse, recycling and landfilling and rules to improve the management of different waste streams.”