European Council raises concerns over withdrawal of Circular Economy Package


The European General Affairs Council has expressed concerns about the withdrawal of the Circular Economy Package.

At a lunch with European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans (pictured), government ministers from across Europe on the General Affairs Council raised their worries about the withdrawal of the waste legislation and that on air quality.


However Latvia, which is the current President of the European Council of which the General Affairs Council is part, said it is ready to continue work on both of these proposals.

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In December, Frans Timmermans withdrew the Circular Economy Package as part of proposals for the European Commission 2015 Work Programme. He promised that a more ambitious package would be tabled later this year.

In a statement, the General Affairs Council welcomed the European Commission’s Work Programme  but said: “The Council takes note of the list of envisaged withdrawals and modifications, while recalling its role and the role of the Presidency in setting the agenda and organising legislative work in the Council.”