European Parliament scraps idea of ship recycling fund financed by levy


Plans to ensure ships are recycled in EU-approved facilities worldwide have been backed by the European Parliament.

However, MEP’s voted against an Environment Committee proposal for a recycling fund financed by a levy. But it did call on the European Commission to propose plans for an incentive-based system before the end of 2015.


In order to reduce damage to the environment and human health, EU ships will need to be recycled in EU-approved facilities.

The European Parliament rejected the idea of a recycling fund levy put forward by Green MEP Carl Schlyter by 299 votes to 292 with 21 abstentions.

However, MEPs adopted an amendment calling on the European Commission to table a legislative proposal before the end of 2015 “for an incentive-based system that would facilitate safe and sound ship recycling.”

Carl Schlyter said: “While the European Parliament has voted to put an end to European ships being recklessly scrapped in developing countries in hazardous conditions, this is jeopardised by the failure to adopt a financial mechanism to support it.

“It is very frustrating that a narrow majority succumbed to highly misleading lobbying by the maritime sector, seeking to shirk its responsibilities, and voted down the proposed financial mechanism that would have made safe ship recycling competitive.”

Discussions with EU ministers on a first-reading towards implementing the amended proposals will begin in May.