European Resource Efficiency Platform calls for review of recycling targets and end to landfill


The body that provides high level guidance to the European Commission on resource efficiency has said there needs to be a review of recycling and targets and an end to landfill.

At a meeting of the European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP) this week, it decided to adopt a number of recommendations that are designed to create jobs and growth, provide incentives to overcome barriers to resource efficiency and promote new business models.


On ensuring higher quality recycling, the EREP proposes that better implementation and promotion of best available techniques and research on materials and that a review is needed to achieve this.

The recommendation states: “The Commission should review the EU waste management and prevention targets, and encourage Member States to move to a circular economy with adequate collection and processing, high quality recycling, phasing out landfill and reducing residual waste to a minimum.

“EU waste policy development should promote potential benefits of cross-border flows, while combating illegal export.

“It should set the right price signals through market based instruments (payment schemes, charges and taxes) accompanied by technical criteria and carefully targeted bans if needed.

“The EU and Member States should develop guidance in order to encourage, expand and improve extended producer responsibility schemes, in the light of existing good practices, to promote better use of resources.”

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