Every Can Counts helps 51 million cans to be recycled


Around 774 tonnes of aluminium and steel were recycled as a result of the Every Can Counts scheme.

The away from home drinks recycling programme has revealed that it helped to collected 51 million used beverage cans from workplaces and on the go locations across the UK in 2011.


It is funded by a partnership including UK and European drinks can manufacturers, the aluminium and steel packaging and recycling industries, and energy drinks brand Red Bull.

Nearly 700 organisations around the UK are registered with the programme, with almost 5,000 Every Can Counts branded collection points at over 1,900 individual sites.

Every Can Counts director Rick Hindley said: “The 2011 results confirm that we have established a successful model for encouraging recycling outside the home. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to help businesses that want to recycle more, as it’s important to keep testing, refining and innovating. We have some very exciting plans in preparation for 2012, which we hope will keep us at the forefront of developments in this challenging area.”

Around 30 per cent of the 9.5 billion cans sold every year are consumed outside the home, mainly in workplaces and on the go.