Every Can Counts partners with Trek-Drops to create drinks can to promote recycling

Every Can Counts working with Trek-Drops and professional women's cycling team

Drinks recycling campaign Every Can Counts (ECC) has developed an exclusive Trek-Drops drinks can in partnership with the professional women’s cycling team to increase can recycling. 

The limited-edition team-branded can is available in the Fan Zone at the La Course by Le Tour de France and will be offered at the Prudential Ride London on Saturday 28 July 2018. 


Not only are the cans collectors’ items, they have been filled by WeCan Solutions of Hereford with mineral water. 

The campaign, alongside its French counterpart Chaque Canette Compte, will be encouraging people to cycle and recycle at the event by taking part in its recycling game.  

Families and friends can race against each other while learning about the recycling process and will then be given the Trek-Drops drink when they have finished.  

According to ECC, 47% of cans being drunk ‘on-the-go’ and outside the home making this can a great opportunity for cycling watchers to opt for environmentally friendly packaging when choosing a drink.  

ECC executive director Rick Hindley said: “It’s important that we help people in making informed choices when it comes to buying a packaged product. Cans are endlessly recyclable – if it is disposed of in the right bin that can will be recycled and made into a new can in just 60 days.  

“So if you get your hands on a Trek-Drops can, you will be helping to raise awareness of the team and women’s cycling by way of endlessly recyclable product.”  

Trek-Drops team director Tom Varney said: “The cans will give us another way to engage directly with fans and spread the message of the importance of recycling their cans and their choices of packaging when they are in retail environments.” 

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