Evian launch new in-home water appliance to help reduce plastic packaging

Evian launch (re)new in-home water appliance

Water brand evian has revealed a new in-home water appliance which provides customers with evian water at home, helping to reduce plastic packaging.  

The new product, called (re)new, incorporates a collapsible 5L ‘bubble’ surrounding the water, which is 100% recyclable and made of 100% rPET skin that contracts when the mineral water is consumed. It uses 66% less plastic than a 1.5L evian bottle.  


There will be a dedicated Design for Lifecycle Theatre at The Recycling Event. Speakers include WRAP & TerraCycle. Info: https://www.therecyclingevent.com/

This move from evian is part of its journey to become a circular brand by 2025 and builds on its ambition to be carbon neutral by 2020.  

Evian global brand vice president Patricia Oliva said: “At evian we owe everything to nature and are committed to a healthy planet. This will only be achieved by new ways of thinking and of doing business. And this is why we’re challenging ourselves to reinvent new ways to provide evian natural mineral water to consumers. This unique bubble design represents a breakthrough in design thinking which brings the purity of evian natural mineral water from the source to the home in a more circular way.” 

Customers will be able to order evian at the touch of a button on the base of the appliance, which is connected to its (re)new app.  

The app is able to track the amount of water consumed and notify the used when a refill is needed.  

Evian creative advisor for sustainable innovation design Virgil Abloh said:  “I’ve always been inspired by great design and how it can shape our lives, which is why I’m excited to see evian pushing the boundaries with the design of this disruptive new product that will transform the way we drink evian water at home.” 

The (re)new product will launch as part of a pilot in Paris and London in May this year, with 200 selected people, along with Virgil Abloh, testing and learning about the product before it is launched in the future.  

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