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Falls continue for metals on LME


The decline of metals prices on the LME continues with copper below the £5,500 level.

However, losses in sterling were mitigated by a stronger pound against the dollar.

Three-month copper on the LME yesterday was priced at $8,819 (£5,458) lower than Wednesday’s $8,864 (£5,460).

Aluminium has sunk below £1,500 at $2,402 (£1,487) from Wednesday’s $2,435 (£1,500). Alloy was up a quid to $2,270 (£1,405) from Wednesday’s $2,280 (£1,404).

Lead was down to $2,308 (£1,428) yesterday from $2,353 (£1,449) a day earlier. Nickel fell to $21,225 (£13,137) from $22,050 (£13,583) on Wednesday.

Tin dropped to $23,300 (£14,421) on Thursday from $23,825 (£14,676) the day before. Zinc was getting closer to $2,000 at $2,156 (£1,334) down from $2,170 (£1,337) on Wednesday.

Steel was up to $575 (£356) from $570 (£351) on Wednesday.


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