FEAD call for MEPs to add mandatory rules on recycled content

plastic bale

European waste management trade federation, FEAD has called for MEPs to add mandatory rules on specific recycled content, following a draft publication on a European Strategy for plastics in a circular economy, which will be consulted this week.  

While FEAD has welcomed the draft report written by rapporteur MEP Mark Demesmaeker, stating that it is a step forward for designing a new vision for plastics as part of a circular economy transition, it argued that MEPs need to look at crucial points for the private waste and resource sector. 


FEAD said that while voluntary industry agreements contribute to a better acceptance of recycled plastics, it will not be enough to create a stable European market of secondary raw materials.  

From this, it suggested that mandatory rules for recycled content for specific products is necessary.  

It added that developing quality standards should be in line with measures regarding the compulsory uptake of recycled materials. Binding recycled content would ultimately cover the additional costs of processing, leading to better quality, it said.  

The draft report will be considered at the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) committee this week.  


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