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Fibre exports to China decline according to update from BIR


According to a new update as part of the Bureau of International Recycling World Mirror of Recovered Paper, Ranjit Baxi, head of J&H sales said that the fibre exports to China have weakened significantly.  

Discussing the international markets, the president of the BIR recovered paper division stated that the export quantity to China has been affected due to the country’s “Border Gate Sword” powers and “the subsequent WTO to ban imports of mixed paper, as well as imposing tighter quality controls on all imports of fibre”.  

He also said that mixed paper and OCC prices have decreased sharply.  

According to the J&H boss, the demand for better grades of OCC including NCC, fruit boxes, and 95/5 meant these grades continued to be shipped but at cheaper prices. Demand for mixed papers has declined with prices falling from $160 per tonne to just over $100, following limited orders. 

However, Ranjit Baxi said that there was an increased demand on export volumes to other Asian markets, including India, Indonesia and Vietnam.  

He added: “Exporters are looking forward to a new direction from the market after the Chinese New Year in February. Meanwhile, economists are watching very closely how China will be balancing its economy against the three critical battle lines it will be facing in 2018, namely debt, poverty and pollution.” 


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