Fire at EMR Lincoln metal recycling facility


A fire broke out on Friday at an EMR scrap yard in Lincoln with an oil leak from a scrapped car believed to have started the blaze.

Eight fire crews battled to combat the blaze on Friday afternoon at the EMR facility on Beevor Street in Lincoln.


EMR non-ferrous operator Vince Dyson told the Lincolnshire Echo: “It started at a scrap car that was behind a mound of metal ready for processing. It only takes a spark and a ruptured oil tank.

“We had been trained in health and safety and we got the hose out to try to put it out, but then it stated up again.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue spokesman Sean Taylor said: “Because of the thick black smoke over the city, which was caused by plastics and scrap metal, the incident looked worse than it is.”