Fire breaks out at new AmeyCespa Cambridge recycling facility


A mechanical biological treatment operated by AmeyCespa in Cambridge has suffered a fire.

Crews from Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Services were called to the fire early on Easter Sunday.


It quickly established that this was a large-scale incident and requested further help from additional fire crews.

According to Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Services, the fire appears to have started through self-combustion of a compost store containing 800 tonnes of material.

A further 500 tonnes of non-organic material was also stored at the facility.

Firefighters continued to be at the site on the evening of 2 April in efforts to extinguish the fire and reduce smoke levels.

This follows the equipment at the facility breaking down in September last year, with it expected that it would not be up and running again until at least December 2013.

However, the fire may have delayed this further.

Recycling at the material recycling facility on the same site is believed to have been unaffected.