Fire contained at Blakely’s Waste Management in Wigan


Around 25 firefighters were called to deal with a blaze at Blakely’s Waste Management waste disposal and recycling site in Wigan.

Crews were called to deal with a fire that broke out in the early hours of 4 March.


A building measuring approximately 500 sq. metres and around 76 tonnes of waste was involved in the fire.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue station manager Kev O’Connor said: “We were dealing with a deep-seated reclamation fire in one of the buildings.

“Crews did an excellent job in managing the water by laying the hose reel tightly to the curb – minimising disruption to traffic and local residents.

“They also managed to protect the main office which was just 30ft away from the fire so we were able to put the fire out without causing too much disruption to business continuity.”

Blakeley’s general manager Graeme Knight said: “The fire service was on the scene within minutes and the fire in the construction and demolition building was brought under control rapidly.

“The fire was managed, controlled and contained within the building and the materials involved were non-hazardous. We are very pleased with the actions of the fire service.”

He added that although the fire has been a major inconvenience for the company, it has had little impact on its waste collection services.