First biogas connection commissioned by National Grid


National Grid has successfully commissioned its first commercial biogas project.

It has connected biomass operators Future Biogas to the gas network in Yorkshire.


Biomethane produced from maize, grass and other biomass is now being injected into the grid at an £8 million plant near Doncaster.  

Nation Grid director of network strategy Jeremy Bending said: “The first biogas connection is a great achievement. The success of the project is down to the extensive collaboration between staff at National Grid, Future Biogas, consultants and suppliers. The project also encompassed several engineering and commercial innovations.

“This project demonstrates our commitment to facilitating biogas connections to our network. We are aiming to connect 80 such projects over the next eight years. We will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure the delivery of this sustainable, renewable and safe source of gas for future generations.”

Future Biogas managing director Philipp Lukas said: “We are delighted to have delivered the first commercial biomethane plant with National Grid and look forward to building upon this successful partnership.”

The state-of-the-art facility will ferment 35,000 tonnes of break-crops, sourced from local farmers every year. The crops are fermented in an anaerobic digester to produce biogas, which is then processed by National Grid technology before being injected into the gas network.

Each day, around 12,000 cubic metres of gas will be injected into the gas network, which is enough to heat from 2,500 homes in mid-winter to 40,000 homes in mid-summer.