First Mile launch compostable recycling packaging service

First Mile launch compostable recycling packaging service
First Mile launch compostable recycling packaging service

Waste management company First Mile has announced that it is launching the UK’s first dedicated compostable recycling packaging service for businesses.  

It has developed this scheme following the UK’s “increasing appetite for sustainable products”, such as compostable coffee cups and biodegradable shopping bags. 


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The firm said that until now, there was no easy or sustainable recycling solutions for these items, and as the country becomes more environmentally-conscious, there has been a rise in the use of compostable materials by businesses, including food and beverage packaging.  

First Mile has stated that there is a misconception that these items can be thrown in the general waste, mixed recycling or food waste bins to decompose.  

In response to this, the company will introduce this recycling packaging service for businesses, which will see this packaging transformed into nutrient-rich fertiliser.  

The service means that the good intentions of those firms investing in the use of compostable packaging can be realised, benefitting the environment, rather than impacting on recycling systems.  

First Mile founder and chief executive Bruce Bratley said: “There’s been a significant increase in the amount of compostable packaging being used by sustainability-savvy businesses, but these items need to be processed properly to provide any environmental benefits. We’re pleased to be able to offer this new service, where customers will be able to simply place their compostable packaging in one of our dedicated First Mile bags for collection, safe in the knowledge that their actions will make a difference.” 

This new compostable packaging collections will be available to both new and existing customers of First Mile through dedicated kerbside collection sacks and will begin on 13 May.  

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