First Mile pioneers pop-up recycling in London


London-based recycling collection business First Mile has been engaged in pop-up recycling across the capital’s green squares.

Over the course of a week, First Mile is visiting 10 green squares including Golden Square, Soho Square and Cavendish Square where workers often sit and enjoy their lunch in the sun.


In Golden Square, First Mile collected 100kg of waste with the food waste being sent for use in anaerobic digestion. All dry material, such as paper, plastics, card, metal and glass, will be sorted for recycling.

London businesses send around 1 million tonnes of waste to landfill each year.

First Mile chief executive Bruce Bratley said: “We want to help London businesses to recycle more. Councils are not achieving good results in terms of recycling and it should be a lot easier.

“Our customers can recycle over 90 per cent of material and pop-up recycling is a great way of demonstrating how easy it can be.”