First plant produces aviation-grade titanium by recycling 


rench company EcoTitanium is the first plant in Europe to manufacture aviation-grade titanium by recycling. 

The company produces alloys from solid scraps and cuttings gathered from the major aircraft makers and their subcontractors. 


EcoTitanium has produced new technologies including PAM-CHR plasma melting and vacuum remelting furnaces, the plasma is used to melt titanium alloy scrap in a huge range of sizes while discarding inclusions. 

The EcoTitanium project is a 48 million (£42 million) investment that hopes to produce 60 new jobs, as well as inferred jobs. 

Creating this technology will prevent the emission of 100,000 tonnes of CO2, as well as expanding aviation, medical, energy and defence markets by 5%.  

With the European Investment Bank (EIB) loaning EcoTitanium 30 million (£26 million) to create this product, the advantages of having titanium and its alloys for industry include: 

  • Lightness (44% lighter than steel) 
  • Excellent corrosion resistance 
  • Biocompatibility, suitable for medical use.