First recycling compliance period looks healthy so far for packaging


The first interim recycling and recovery results for the 2013 compliance period have been published and so far look positive for the year ahead.

At this stage, it looks most materials are where they should be to meet target, but there could be difficulties ahead.


SCM Scrap-ex environmental markets manager Joe Savage said: “In the build-up to this data being released, it was thought that plastics in particular may suffer in light of recent material trading difficulties seeing demand for plastic PRNs within the marketplace appearing to increase weekly.

“The actual provisional result is currently at 150,000 tonnes across both UK and export generated PRNs. This is an improvement on 2012, and the current year-to-date position including carry-over PRNs stand at 190,000 tonnes versus 168,000 tonnes last year.

“This will provide encouragement that presently the UK could be on target to comply. However, without fully knowing the first obligation figure (due mid-May) the performance is still a little unclear. With repeat strong performances still required though for the remainder of the year, and on-going difficulties in exporting packaging waste to certain markets, it is still very much a delicate balance to be continually monitored.”

This quarter has also seen the publication of split figures for glass re-melt and other with the former so far performing better. In 2013, a minimum of 63 per cent of obligations should be achieved through re-melt, but both categories show a combined shortage.

Other materials have started on course, although wood has dropped for the fourth consecutive quarter.