Friends of the Earth says tougher measures are needed, despite plans for a deposit return scheme


Following The Daily Mail report that the Government are unveiling plans for a deposit return scheme this week, Friends of the Earth has said that tougher measures are needed. 

While the organisation has said that this scheme for plastic bottles could make a “significant contribution” to fighting plastic waste, it believes that firms that have created this problem must be the ones to sort it out.  


Friends of the Earth plastics campaigner Julian Kirby said that although this initiative has been successful in other countries, the UK system should be financed by the industry. 

He added: “Even with a massive increase in recycling, huge quantities of plastic would still be thrown away every year, posing a threat to our environment and wildlife. With the amount of plastic waste created in the first place expected to soar, tougher measures are needed.” 

He believes that Ministers must create an action plan and a timetable to eliminate all but the safest and most essential plastics.  


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