Fully recyclable PET cheese packaging developed


Dairy company FrieslandCampina, food packaging producer Sudpack and PET resin and sheet designer Octal have produced an innovative new packaging solution for cheese.

Using DPET (direct-to-sheet PET) the new packaging provides greater strength than laminated APET/PE and is also 100 per cent recyclable.


According to Octal, using this packaging removes five energy intensive stages of the conventional sheet production process (pelletiser, SSP, compactor, dryer and extruder). Octal also says it has the lowest carbon footprint of any other PET on the market.

Octal chief operating officer William J.Barenberg Jr. said: ”Direct-to-sheet technology establishes, for the food packaging market, a new standard for quality and sustainability.

“This translates into better processing performance for customers and a superior stream of PET flake for collection and reprocessing waste.

“Octal is proud to be part of the sustainability profile of PET sheet available to the market as well as the sheets or pellets reprocessed after collection and reprocessing.”