Gate fees drop for MRFs, AD and EFW according to WRAP


WRAP’s latest Gate Fees Report has shown a gate fee price drop for materials recycling facilities (MRFs), anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and energy from waste (EfW) facilities.

But landfill gate fees have increased.


The median gate fee paid by local authorities for MRF services dropped from £25 per tonne to £15 per tonne in 2016. However, some local authorities were receiving up to £77 per tonne for their materials from the MRF, while others were paying a gate fee up to £99.

AD gate fees in 2016 were down to £29 per tonne compared to £40 per tonne last year.

EfW gate fees fell a touch to £83 per tonne from £86 per tonne last year.

However, the landfill gate fee, including landfill tax, rose to £107 per tonne in 2016 from £102 per tonne the year before. Feedback suggests that reducing landfill capacity as a result of closures is pushing the gate fee price up.

In-vessel composting and wood gate fees remained stable.