Giles Whiteley leaves SWR


The chief executive of specialist waste management company SWR has left the company.

Giles Whiteley will be forming his own company Orbisa that will specialise in developing ways to help businesses become more sustainable.


However, he will continue to work with SWR on continuing mergers and acquisitions projects.

Over the past six years, first as chief operating officer and then chief executive, Giles took the business from being a small firm to one with a turnover of almost £16 million.

The company specialises in sectors it has identified as under-served by the majority of the waste industry such as automotive garages and garden centres.

Giles said: “Having achieved what we had set out when I joined SWR, building a team to take a small company towards being a serious industry player, I am very proud of everything we have done. With all the foundations in place for continued growth into key markets, I am looking forward to working with SWR in its expansion projects.

“However, I am now ready to work outside of the company assisting UK businesses in their understanding of the sustainability agenda in a more pragmatic and business focused way than is often achieved.”

Giles was recently married and will be taking an extended honeymoon before formally launching Orbisa in the autumn.