Glasgow 2014 leads the call for Scottish businesses to make resource efficiency pledge


A new scheme that aims to help Scottish businesses reap their share of an estimated £2.9 billion worth of savings by using energy, water and raw materials more efficiently has been launched.

The SECC venue in Glasgow, which is one of the locations for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, has become the first venue to make the resource efficiency pledge. This has been backed by the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games organising committee which will act as an ambassador to promote the pledge to the Scottish events sector.


Delivered by Zero Waste Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government, the resource efficiency pledge asks businesses to pick between three and six actions to complete over the course of 12 months, ranging from engaging staff to help cut energy use to implementing efficiency measures in business processes.

The SECC has pledged to improve recycling rates and energy efficiency and will also be focusing on staff engagement to ensure becoming more efficient with resources is a team effort involving all employees.

Another 70 businesses including Glasgow Airport have signed up to the pledge.

SECC safety, health and environment manager Alan Cuggy said: “We are delighted to be the first venue to sign up to the resource efficiency pledge as it will provide both the inspiration and motivation to enhance our environmental performance in what is a competitive and challenging business.”

Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead added: “The resource efficiency pledge is an excellent scheme which can help businesses across Scotland save money while reducing their environmental impact by using water, energy and raw materials more sustainably. I am delighted to have Glasgow 2014 and the SECC as ambassadors for the scheme, creating an environmental legacy from the Commonwealth Games, highlighting the importance of sustainability in the events sector and setting the best kind of example to others.

“Simple changes like switching off equipment not being used and redesigning products can save Scotland a staggering £2.9 billion every year. It’s hugely encouraging that large businesses like the SECC and Glasgow Airport have already made the resource efficiency pledge, and I would encourage firms of all sizes throughout the country to sign up.”