Glass and aluminium only PRN market movers this week


The price of glass PRNs has firmed up this week, while aluminium PRNs have fallen slightly.

Glass was up to between £9 and £9.50 on the scrap-ex weekly PRN price report, compared to £8.25 to £9.50 last week.


Aluminium PRNs fell to between £7 to £8 per tonne. Last week, aluminium PRNs were trading at £8 to £10 per tonne.

scrap-ex director Gareth Goodall said: “Plastic seems to have stabilised at around the £6.75 to £7.25 range. We traded 1,000 yesterday at £7.

“But there is a bit of a stand-off on most classes at the moment in terms of where buyers see value and the price sellers are looking for. I think we will see volumes pick up again when we get into Q3, although some people are waiting for the Q2 data release, which is out towards the end of July.”

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