Glass packaging recycling on the rise


Three-quarters of UK glass packaging was collected for recycling in 2022, data has revealed.

Figures published by industry body Close the Glass Loop showed that 75 per cent of the material sold in this country that year went to reprocessors.


This compared with an EU-wide average of 80 per cent. The UK collected less glass packaging than Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany and many other countries.

Europe-wide, a record 12.4 million tonnes of the material was collected, up about 5 per cent from the prior year.

Adeline Farrelly, secretary-general of European Container Glass Federation FEVE, said: “The increase in volumes of collected glass demonstrates the resilience and commitment of the glass packaging value chain to increase the availability of post-consumer glass for the manufacturing of new glass bottles and jars.”

Close the Glass Loop, which has partners including bottle manufacturers and waste firms, aims to support a 90 per cent glass packaging recycling rate across the EU by 2030.

“To achieve our collection target, Close the Glass Loop national platforms play a pivotal role,” said Olivier Deweerdt, secretary-general of European Federation of Glass Recyclers FERVER.

“The exchange of best practices and support for projects and activities at the national level are vital for increasing and improving glass collection for recycling. This will be reflected in our upcoming 2025-2030 Close the Glass Loop Action Plan.”